Weight Loss 
& Healthy GUT Program
The GET CLEAN Program is a 
5-day detox program, plus 3 weeks 
of continued support
Lose weight and keep it off?
Feel confident in your clothes or through your tummy?
Have the energy to be active with your kids?
Feel a sense of control with nutrition and just enjoying your life?
Have clearer, brighter skin?
Improve your mood and feel happier?
Stop feeling exhausted?
Stop feeling like you're in a fog, just getting through your days?
Stop yo yo-ing your body, your focus, and your efforts?
Stop wasting time researching fat loss strategies?
Stop losing motivation and stay accountable to your health?
I decided to commit to the Get Clean program because I felt it was different than all the other food restriction diets I’ve been on in the past. 

Prior to doing the cleanse I had a hard time getting up in the morning, brain fog most of the day, and sugar cravings all the time. I liked the Get Clean program because it made me accountable for my actions, and the system was very straight forward and easy to follow. 

I learned that there is much more to weight loss than just cutting calories, my whole body feels lighter now, less puffy, and I’m back at the gym and able to accomplish much more in my day, which is all important to me, as a busy entrepreneur. 

I feel more balanced and do not crave sugars like I used to, I decided to stick to the support program longer than 3 weeks because of all these positive changes I was seeing and feeling.
I have done the cleanse several times, to treat a variety of symptoms. Chronic fatigue and daily migraines were there first drivers. The last time was driven by a general unhealthy feeling with unsteadiness in my balance and unusual sensations in my head

The process was a challenge but nothing compared to the prospect of not feeling 100%. The program was very well laid out so it was very clear and easy to enact the steps of the process.

I simply felt amazing! 

The cleanses addressed all of my symptoms as well as reducing other joint / muscle pains that I had experienced. My daily bowel health improved significantly as well.

I'm probably the healthiest male in the neighbourhood and I'm approaching 60. 

By doing the cleanses, it also reset my focus on good eating habits and an overall healthy lifestyle 

I now plan to do this process on a yearly basis!
5 days of nutritional “feasting”, gives your digestive system a break and a chance to re-charge your metabolism. Cleansing your body of toxicity will maximize energy and speed up your end goal of weight loss!
Are you ready for a proven system with:
A simple 1 -2 - 3 step method
Very little interruption in your life, 5 days and you're done
The most scientifically sound supplements for supporting the body
Fresh organic juices pre-made for you, to save time
Delicious recipes the whole family will love
Support from qualified clinicians at Inside Health Clinic
Digestive changes for longterm success & flattening your tummy 
-Complete 3 Step Process, Guidelines & Recipes
-Continual Support At Inside Health
- Fresh, Organic Cold Pressed Juices On Fasting Days
- Organic Therapeutic Teas
- Daily Digestive and Phytonutritional Support
- Daily Lymphatic and PEMF Therapy Treatments
- Colon Hydrotherapy & Digestive Release Massage
VALUED AT $349.00
1 - 2 - 3 Step Program
STEP #1:
- You're going to read through the package, schedule colonic appointments and pick "add on" services to enhance your results.
- Wait for your detox package to arrive
- Grocery shop for "allowed foods" and prepare soups for the week.
- Prep your body by using the 3 day "Prep Program". This ensures you ease into your detox and get maximum results in step 2.

- You're going to follow 5 day cleanse plan (morning, noon, evening)
- Utilize soup recipes during these 5 days (if needed)
- Pick up greens juices at Inside Health, the week of your 5 day cleanse, Monday and Thursday

This is your Transition period; Days 6 & 7, where you reintroduce solid foods from the recipes provided and allowed foods list.
Then you'll follow a 3 week support eating guideline (food list, recipes, sample meal plan, and supplement guide provided)

VALUED AT $499.00
Daily Lymphatic and PEMF Therapy Treatments
Vibeplates and the mini trampoline are a low impact way to burn calories and improve lymphatic circulation. By improving lymph flow in the body , there will be a decrease in swelling and water retention. Each treatment can burn up to 500 calories, without putting any stress on the body.

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is a Health Canada approved mat used to decrease inflammation, and treat various ailments in the body, including boosting energy levels and decreasing stress, which are common obstacles for almost anyone struggling to lose weight. Each treatment lasts 8-16 minutes.
VALUED AT $250.00
Colon Hydrotherapy & Digestive Release Massage
It is common for the majority of us to hold onto 3-10 pounds of excess waste . Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe and effective way to eliminate gases and old stool in the body. Removing this toxicity can instantly equal weight loss, and in the long run improve the efficiency of our digestive systems.
VALUED AT $399.00
Daily Digestive and Phytonutritional Support
& Organic Therapeutic Teas
Clean Fibre - anti-inflammatory bowel formula which helps promote regular bowel movements by strengthening muscle tone within the colon.

Clean Greens- powerful detoxifier, this combination will also increase energy and nourish fat burning organs.

Clean Digestive - decrease gas and bloating by helping break down food and inflammation in the body. Enhancing absorption of vital nutrients.

Clean Aminos - Plant based, gluten and dairy free protein supplement in an easily digestible form, important for proper liver detoxification, energy and metabolism.

Clean Bowels - gentle bowel regulator, eliminates toxicity and gases within the colon.

Organic Therapeutic Teas - Daily metabolism boosting loose leaf teas are clinically blended to gently encourage your bodies natural toxin elimination process. Without the use of laxatives, these herbs are used to cleanse and reduce excess bloat.
VALUED AT $149.00
Fresh, Organic Cold Pressed Juices
Large amounts of alkalinizing greens will not only help flush toxicity, but will also provide easily digested vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support all your organ systems, including liver and thyroid - our main weight regulating organs/gland.
VALUED AT $129.00
Dry Skin Brush & Enema Kit
Dry skin brushing Improves lymphatic circulation and swelling in the body, aka cellulite. Our skin is our largest detox organ, so helping our skin regenerate through brushing enhances our weight loss results.

Coffee enemas are used to enhance liver and gallbladder function. These organs are responsible for fat metabolism, which equals quicker weight loss. Also aids slightly to regulate bowel movements.
Prior to the cleanse, I was feeling bloated, I was a little over my normal BMI, and my skin was irritated; the cleanse was not easy per say , but it was absolutely worth the results. 

I really enjoyed how healthy and clean I felt when taking my supplements and drinking tons of veggie juices and water. I was never hungry during the cleanse because I was getting nutrients from the various liquids I drank every hour or so, which greatly helped me through the process. 

After the cleanse, I felt lighter and my skin was so clear, I had lost about 5 pounds and I felt great. 

This cleanse was definitely the break that my body was begging for!
What Is A Complete Cleanse Worth To You?
Weight Loss
Increased Energy
Clearer Skin
Better Digestion
Improved Mood
Less Anxiety
one time fee
  • Full 3 Step Program & Support Manual
  • Fresh, Organic Cold Pressed Juices On Fasting Days
  • Organic Therapeutic Teas
  • Daily Digestive and Phytonutritional Support
  • Daily Lymphatic and PEMF Therapy Treatments
  • Colon Hydrotherapy & Digestive Release Massage

I have always lived a healthy and active lifestyle, however, I find about 2 times a year, I start to feel run down, sluggish, put on excess weight around my abdomen. (typically after travelling, or the holiday seasons). 

I like the GET CLEAN program because it is full of nutrition and fuel that I know my body needs, therefore, I commit myself to this program 2-3 times a year to get back on track, and return to feeling my best. 

 After the 5 days of cleansing I lose the excess weight, and find my energy and mind are at its sharpest.  

At Inside Health, our mission is to stimulate your body’s natural ability to heal itself by identifying and removing any obstacles, and empowering you to living a healthy well balanced life.
All of our practitioners work together to individualize each persons treatment plan, using science and research to better understand your body; however, rather than simply address symptoms, we seek to identify underlying causes, prevent recurrence and take your wellness to the next level.
Q: How does the program work?
A: Once you have finalized your payment you will be emailed the program manual.
All of your content for the program is ready for you. You will wait for your detox package to arrive with all of your nutritional support.
Q:  What if I don't live near Inside Health Clinic?
A:  We are happy to ship your package to you, but you will not be able to take part in the clinical services like the colonic or lymphatic treatments.
Q: What are the typical weight loss results?
A: Results are anywhere from 5-10lbs depending on the health of your body, state of digestive system and inflammation. 
Q: What if I can't fast for 5 days?
A: This program provides tonnes of nutrition each day, that you should not feel hungry during this period. However the program can be modified, while still achieving fantastic results. 
Q: Are there any symptoms of detoxing?
A: Yes, this is normal and everyone reacts differently to cleanses. This is why we have incorporated a 3 day 'prep program' to ensure your body is eased into the cleanse and you have minimal side effects. Some symptoms may be: fatigue, headaches, muscle aches, sugar cravings; which typically are gone after the first 2 days.
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